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#17, September 2009

Correcting Family Tree Errors

Can you record somebody else’s family in your tree?

Colour-coded search results.

Succession Planning

Remote Presentations Anybody?

Creating your own tables

#16, June 2009

So much for being a monthly newsletter J     1

Now over 13M records in the GDB!  1

NZGDB on Display at AFFHO    1

ANZGDB launched   1

Development – mainly FamNet  2

What is FamNet?   2

Lynda’s Lot welcomed aboard   3

Theft Allegation Proven False   3

#15, December 2008

Now over 11M records in the GDB

Standards for Sharing Information with Others

Charts Improved

Saving and Emailing a Chart

Merged Trees

NZGDB Presentations

Improvement to Scrapbook function

Family Membership (it’s free!)

#14, October 2008

Now over 10M records in the GDB!. 1

We now do Charts!. 1

Producing a Chart File for Printing.. 2

Printing a Chart – using the GDBChart program.... 2

Help us test this feature.   What else would you like it to do?.. 3

NZGDB Presentations  4

#13, August 2008

Introducing Robert Barnes, NZGDB Developer

NZGDB Presentations. 2

Open offer to present on NZGDB... 2

Software Changes. 2

Making Contact With Other Genealogists. 2

How do I find out those who share my research interests?.. 3

More ways of getting in touch.. 4

GDB now almost at 7M records!. 4

Useful Web Sites  4

#12, 30 June 2008

Software Changes  1

Front Page Revised.. 1

Extra Credits for Scrapbook Items. 1

Attaching Scrapbook Items to Several Records.. 1

Scrapbook Count now included in the search grid.. 3

Biographies. 3

Tony Cairns – DataManager. 3

GDB now over 6M records!. 10

Useful Web Sites. 14

From the Blogs. 26

#11, 29 May 2008

Software Changes. 1

Unlimited Searching. 1

Change to Saved Searches. 1

Pictures in Tree View. 1

Easier Document Downloading. 2

Design Question. 2

GDB now over 5M records! 3

Now: discount available for advance subscriptions

#10, 1st May 2008

Software Changes. 1

Post-it notes. 1

Much Easier Registration and Logon.. 7

Much Easier On-line Record Creating and Updating.. 11

Making NZGDB Faster. 19. 21

GED Processing Fault Corrected.. 23

GDB continues to grow... 27

Getting the most out of NZGDB... 31

Our dream for NZGDB... 34

#9.  20th March 2008

Making your data even more secure
    Tonycairns -> datamanager

Future Growth of the GDB

   Ten good reasons for putting your database into NZGDB

Software Changes

   Advanced Searching

   Search results now ordered by the number of scrapbook documents

   Record logging

   Shipping:  Stopovers

What’s next

   Post-it notes

   Unlimited Searches

   What would you like?

Future newsletters:  request for submissions  2

#8. 12th February, 2008


Big jump in numbers.  Return order decided


Discussion:  Post-it Notes?

#7 27th December 2007

New GDB search rules (initials)

Privacy improvements.


Multiple pages (including separate Help pages)

Facility to upload scrapbook data

#6 20th November 2007

Reports and Printer Friendly pages

Payments and Subscriptions

Other Changes

Ranking search results (discussion)

#5 8th October 2007

“Add Ged” replaced with “Add or Update your Family Data”

Useful Web Sites

Duplicate link statistics now available

A logon problem described

#4 6th Sept., 2007

New server,

Automatic duplicate detection, 

Synchronising, merging, and linking trees,

Resubmitting GED’s and GED name,

Tree view

#3 4th August 2007

Database > 1M,  New server.

Registration fee mooted

Development:  search by partner’s name, updating GED.

Future development:  Synchronising,  Request for feedback

#2 28 June 2007

Video Guided tour

User profiles

Improvements in permission granting

Privacy rules confirmed

#1 31 May 2007

New look and feel

Facility to share private data

Question: Privacy